Take control of long term conditions.

Aide is a digital health platform that helps patients and their clinicians better understand and manage chronic disease.

Empowering clinicians and their patients. Together.

We believe in the power of the clinical workforce alongside a patient’s ability to self-care. Aide is designed to strengthen the relationship between health services and the people they support.

A better way to manage long-term conditions at home.

Aide guides people living with long term conditions through their prescribed care, helping them manage their day-to-day and form positive habits around their health.

Multiple apps. One platform for all long term conditions.

Comorbidity is one of the most pressing challenges facing health systems in the developed world. We are working to help accelerate the move from disease-specific care to whole-person care. No more single-condition services.

Patient recall ability.
Better consultations with real-world data.

Hear the patient’s voice clearly, every time. Aide helps clinicians and patients have more valuable consultations with actionable data and insights. Less guesswork, shared decision-making made easier.

24/7 personalised support, driven by natural language.

Aide has short, daily conversations to help people better manage their day-to-day health. Natural language helps navigate the complex and multifactorial nature of long-term conditions.

Case study with
Aide saves a potential 332.3 hours of clinical time per 1,000 asthma patients.
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NHS and Healthcare

Provide always-on, 24/7 support for your chronic disease patients without needing additional clinical time.


Easier day-to-day management, more insight into your condition and a way to have more valuable consultations.


Champion employee equality and reduce the impact of the second most-common reason for sickness absence.