Help your employees better manage long-term conditions.

Poorly controlled long-term conditions make life and work unpredictable. Aide can help your employees take more control of their health.

An estimated 32.5 million working days are lost due to work-related ill health each year. Long-term conditions are the #2 most common reason for sickness absence.
17 days
Average number of days off per year from workers with recurring health conditions.
Average cost per year per employee due to long-term condition sick days.
Of asthma sufferers report going to work ill, increasing their risk of prolonged absence.

24/7 personalised support, driven by natural language.

Aide has short, daily conversations to help people better manage their day-to-day health. Natural language helps navigate the complex and multifactorial nature of long-term conditions.

Multiple apps. One platform for all long term conditions.

As the age of the workforce increases, so does the chance of people living with two or more conditions. Aide has been designed to support comorbidity from the very beginning.

Help people form a better relationship with their medicines.

Medical non-adherence accounts for 50% of treatment failures. Aide understands the person’s daily routine and schedules medicine reminders automatically.

The tools to manage long-term conditions.

It’s hard to manage what you don’t measure. Aide helps you record symptom severity and measurements for your condition in 30 seconds or less.

Short, bite-sized content to improve health literacy.

40–80% of medical information is forgotten immediately after a consultation. Aide provides quick-read and clinician-validated content on key topics that are delivered over time.

Profiles that can be shared with any clinician, any time.

Users of Aide can securely share insights and reporting on their condition with any clinician in any practice. This data helps support clinical decision-making, so people get the best possible prescribed care.

Average 75% medicines adherence in active users of Aide Health.

Find out how Aide is making a real difference in the NHS to support health and wellness in patients living with long-term conditions.

Safe, secure patient data

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