April 4, 2023

Meeting the rising challenge of long-term conditions: why we started Aide Health

Ian Wharton
Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Aide Health was founded in 2021 after personal experience with the challenges of managing long-term conditions. Today, our growing team is working to help the hundreds of millions of people living with chronic disease worldwide.

Chances are, you or someone close to you is living with a long-term condition. Whether recently diagnosed or having a lifetime of lived experience, chronic disease can be a complex and lonely place. Sadly, many of these conditions are poorly managed. This can severely impact an individual’s quality of life and ability to work.

We believe that modern applications of design and technology can radically improve clinical decision-making and an individual’s ability to self-care. In combination, these two things lead to better outcomes. We want people to spend less time worrying about their health and more time living their life.

The rising challenge

Long-term conditions are one of the main challenges facing healthcare systems and governments worldwide. There are 26 million people in the UK and roughly 200 million in the US living with one or more long-term conditions. These numbers increase every year.

For healthcare systems like the NHS, long-term conditions place a significant strain on their ability to serve their population effectively. Roughly 70% of all primary and acute care spending, 50% of hospital bed days and half of all GP time go towards long-term conditions.

These challenges are passed on to the broader economy, with long-term conditions being the second-most-common reason for sickness absence. When considering the human and economic impact of conditions such as asthma, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and hypertension, we are on an unsustainable trajectory.

The missing piece: comorbidity

There are common disadvantages of the traditional healthcare system. Most medical research, education, and healthcare technologies focus on individual diseases. This is not how patients view their health, especially those living with comorbidity — having two or more long-term conditions simultaneously. This occurs over half of the time.

Comorbidity becomes more common with age and is associated with higher mortality, reduced functional status and increased use of inpatient and ambulatory healthcare. One in three patients admitted to hospital as an emergency has five or more long-term conditions. This is up from one in ten in just under a decade.

At Aide Health, we view comorbidity as being critically underserved, and we are working hard to develop the first digital platform that caters to the top 10 long-term conditions. A platform that helps people form a better relationship with their medicine, track their condition to see meaningful insights and improve their level of health literacy. This data, which is absent from current healthcare models, will help people find pathways to positive outcomes more quickly, help preventative medicine, and support new drug and therapy development.

Aide is designed to be one holistic platform that accelerates the move towards whole-person care and away from disease-specific care. You can learn more about our technology and how we use natural language to manage multiple conditions here.

Turning our focus towards health

The founding team at Aide Health comprises leaders in design and innovation that, over the past 19 years, have built award-winning digital services for some of the world’s biggest companies and are used by tens of millions of people.

Born from personal experiences, in 2021 we focused our attention and experience on supporting people living with recurring health challenges and the clinicians who provide them care. We do this alongside some of the UK’s leading healthcare professionals who have extensive knowledge in general practice, population health and a deep experience in health and medicines research. This is combined with perspectives from patient leaders, patient groups, charities and senior advisors from the NHS. You can learn more about our mission, values and team here.

Making prescribed care as effective as possible

Our work looks to bring world-class design to the patient experience and support 100 million lives globally. If you are a clinician, employer or individual who would like to work with us to achieve this goal, please get in touch.


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